Identify Unknown Liver Issues

Identify Unknown Liver Issues

It starts with FibroScan use in Oklahoma City, OK | Serving residents of Edmond, Oklahoma City, Norman, OK and surrounding areas

Some conditions are difficult to spot. That makes them especially dangerous. You want to go to a gastroenterologist who has all of the diagnostic equipment needed to make sure you're healthy.

Greater OKC Gastroenterology Associates has a FibroScan machine at our office in Oklahoma City, OK. This tool is similar to an ultrasound but is used to identify fat content and scarring in your liver. This can give patients the information they need to help them prevent issues and extensive procedures down the line.

Find out whether you need a liver procedure today by visiting Greater OKC Gastroenterology Associates. Our office is located in Oklahoma City, OK.

Revealing liver issues more reliably

Sometimes, liver scarring and excessive fat enzymes can go unnoticed. Doctors may perform blood work and normal liver procedures without identifying these issues. The FibroScan doesn't miss a thing. This exam only takes 15 to 20 minutes and is performed by three highly trained technicians. You'll get your results quickly so that we can plan your next steps with you.

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