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Dr. Hong at Greater OKC Gastroenterology Associates is pleased to offer endoscopic ultrasounds as a new procedure. What exactly does this mean? An endoscopic ultrasound is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a scope with an ultrasound attached to the end. This type of technique is used to stage certain types of tumors such as tumors of the esophagus and rectum prior to treatment or surgery.

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Is an endoscopic ultrasound right for you?

Endoscopic ultrasounds are most commonly used to identify different types of tumors typically of the esophagus and rectum, but they are also used to evaluate pancreatic cysts to determine what lesions under the top layer of the digestive tract have malignant potential. Sometimes this procedure allows aspiration of fluid or collection of cells to distinguish pancreatic lesions that are malignant, premalignant, or benign without potential of malignancy.

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