A properly executed colonoscopy can show irritated and swollen tissue, ulcers, and polyps inside the inner lining of your large intestine. The colonoscopy procedure uses a flexible, narrow tube with a light and camera on one end, called a colonoscope or scope, to look inside the colon and rectum.

What can it help diagnose?

• Weight Loss
• Internal Bleeding
• Abdominal Pain
• Changes in Bowel Habits
• Cancer Screening

Are You Scheduled for a Colonoscopy in Edmond, OK?

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Colonoscopies are one of the best ways to find evidence of swollen tissue, ulcers and polyps inside the inner lining of your large intestine. Using a flexible tube with a lighted camera, your doctor will take a look at your colon and rectum. Equipped with this information, your doctor can diagnose you and provide a proper treatment plan.

If you're scheduled for a colonoscopy at Greater OKC Gastroenterology Associates in Edmond, OK, rest assured that we use the latest technology to complete the procedure. Call now to get more information about this procedure.

How should you prepare for your colonoscopy?

Are you feeling nervous about your colonoscopy? Colonoscopies are safe procedures that will give your doctor a wealth of knowledge about your gastrointestinal health. Follow these tips to prepare for your procedure:

  • Eat low-fiber foods in the week leading up to your procedure
  • Drink the prescribed laxative the day before your procedure
  • Arrange for someone to drop you off and pick you up from the doctor's office

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